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Mario Cioni

Metropolis limited edition black vase

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Metropolis black vase  h. 410mm d.280x190mm

One of the oldest and most elaborate collections of the Tondo Doni brand, Metropolis, is composed of pure crystal with 24% lead, made entirely by artisans, through the technique of mouth-blowing and hand-cutting. Representing cosmopolitan design, Metropolis is the collection that most expresses a conceptual and minimal aesthetic. Metropolis is born from the ambitions of growth and maturation of the activity. Suspended between cubism and modernism.

Mario Cioni brand owns his name to the company founder and its characterized by delicate shapes and lines based on the classic canons of high quality, artistic crystal ware. All object of this brand are completely hand-made by our artisans that, thank to their talent and know how, are able to create particular and unique articles. Choosing a Mario Cioni creation means choosing quality, perceiving history behind its beauty, recognizing the style of an exclusive object capable of provoking emotions. Objects where the inherent value of the purest crystal is made precious by the passion of those who are devoted to making it a work of art.