About Us

Founded in 2013, Studio D decor is Qatar’s leading full-service luxury design and lifestyle furniture showroom. Spanning 3,000 sq. ft. and located at Gate Mall, West Bay, Doha, the studio provides world-class luxury interior design consultancy to high-end furniture and accessories from international high end brands to create your perfect abode.
Studio D is the first contemporary luxury furniture boutique in the Middle East to offer the ‘home dressing’ concept: Browse from our unique collection of furniture and accessories and our talented, knowledgeable team will enter your home to visualize and create the perfect setting for your new purchases.
Our expertise and extensive range of unique furniture and décor provides myriad of options for your home. Whether you are looking to refresh your living room or to create a luxury setting ideal for hosting an entertaining evening. With a knowledgeable design team to personalize your suite, Studio D has something to suit all tastes and preferences.  
In addition to offering the finest home furnishings from some of Europe’s most luxury brands, our commitment to a customer-first approach and service excellence, means we provide bespoke home interior themes on request, from Arabian style to classical or cultural.

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