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ANNA New York

Tondo Bowl Alabaster X Large

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The Tondo Bowls are an example of the incredible sculptural abilities of our Spanish artisan partners. Tapering to an almost impossibly thin edge through which light travels, they are made from solid Alabaster, but look and feel airy. Enjoy the velvety feeling of the natural material, and fill with your favored fruits or gourds.

Made in Spain
Each bowl is unique in color, shape and pattern
Hand wash with mild soap and damp soft cloth. Do not use hot water
Small: 5.5” D x 2.25"" H / 14 D cm x 6 H cm
Medium: 8.5” D x 3.25"" H / 22 D cm x 8 H cm
Large: 10.75” D x 4"" H / 27 D cm x 10 cm H
X Large: 13” D x 4.75"" H / 33 D cm x 12 H cm