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Mario Cioni

Set of Sphere Crystal Speaker System

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Rubin 2 speakers system. Has woofer, tweeter and power. Mario Cioni Crystal Sound (MCCS) introduces a new dimension of aesthetics : "esthetics of sound". Objects created to satisfy the sight and touch, they turn out to be unexpected instruments of acoustic diffusion. The term “crystal clear sound” has never before been used more appropriately.

Designed by world famous designer Mario Cioni. Elegance means balance. Balance between tradition and innovation. It has succeeded in combining the magic dexterity of master crystal makers with the rigorous precision of its quality control. This is why Mario Cioni’s creations live of the harmonious fusion of unique handwork with the absolute purity of crystal with over 24% lead content.

Choosing one of his creations means choosing quality, perceiving what is behind its beauty, recognizing the style of an exclusive object capable of provoking emotions. Objects where the inherent value of the purest crystal is rendered precious by the passion of those who are devoted to making it a work of art.

Width: 11.81" | Height: 11.81"  | Handmade in Italy