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Mother-of-Pearl Vase

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This beautiful vase is handmade in Manila from Philippine mother-of-pearl called capiz. The realization of this decorative object requires meticulous work. Indeed, after being harvested, the shells are sorted and then soaked for a few days in a liquid to make them malleable. They can then be placed in a mold whose shape they will take on. Several layers are necessary to obtain a solid object. Once dry, they are carefully sanded. The last step, and not least, is to hand paint the motifs of this vase before varnishing it to sublimate it.
Its graphics, both modern and inspired by traditional motifs, reflect the desire of the Ithemba concept store to create decorative objects that combine craftsmanship and modern design. Indeed, to create its collections of design lighting , ethnic jewelry, the Ithemba team goes to meet craftsmen in different countries. Once the artisans have been identified, we study their techniques. We then draw the objects and collaborate with them for their realization.
A refined vase for a centerpiece in your home
For this object Ithemba worked with craftswomen from the suburbs of Manila. Refined in its material, elegant in its shape, modern in its patterns, this original black and white vase with a touch of bronze will be a centerpiece of your interior.

Cannot contain water.

Handmade in Manila, by Ithemba Design Ethik. Philippine handicrafts

o 29 cm, H 40 cm

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