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Lito" scented candles - gold

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The "Lito" scented candles by L'Objet not only convince with their beguiling vetiver scent and a fresh woody note, but they are also a decorative highlight. The candle containers are made of fine Limoges porcelain, refined with 24 carat gold and are available in either blue or gold. A fascinating eye design is painted on the lid of L'Objet's scented candles "Lito" so that even after the candles have burnt out you will still enjoy the box.

The eye is an ancient talisman of happiness and protection - and a link between two creative souls. This fascinating sensory organ is at the centre of the "Lito" line. Thanks to the artistic achievement of L'Objet, the eye is painted incredibly realistically on Limoges porcelain, so that one can hardly turn one's gaze away from it.
The originality, the elegant and intense indigo colours and their surreal and playful visual language make "Lito" truly exquisite pieces.
The passion for unique handcrafted beauty led the founder of L'Objet, Elad Yifrach and the Greek jewellery designer Lito Karakostanoglou to create the "Lito" line.

  • Limoges porcelain, refined with gold (24-carat)
    Scent: Green Vetiver